Overview of training in Europe

You can download the training overview PDF file.

I only want to learn the basics of PBA. We recommend you complete Level 1, Level 2 and Verbalization (included in Level 2). Many trainees regret not completing Level 2 right after Level 1.

I want to become a PBA practitioner. We recommend you complete Level 1, Level 2, Verbalization (included in Level 2) and Observation.

This module consists in attending the examinations for levels 3, 4 and 5. It is also strongly advised to complete the Verbalization module several times.

Levels 1 and 2: Introduction to PBA

Levels 2 to Supervision 2+: trainee in PBA

Level 5: Licensed PBA practitioner

Additional information

For evaluations, it is essential to bring your case files; otherwise, we will not be able to validate that you have passed the level.

A case represents a client and not a session number. For each level, you are required to perform a certain number of new cases.

Depending on the level being evaluated, one to five sessions with a licensed practitioner are required. A licensed practitioner is a Level 5 certified practitioner.