Intermediate workshops called “Supervisions” are offered between levels 2 and 3, levels 3 and 4 and levels 4 and 5.
They are designed to allow you to integrate your learnings, master your session skills, and avoid the most common errors, thanks to supervised practice and correction in small groups.

Each workshop lasts 2 days.

I. Supervision 1:

  • Mastery of five-point circuits,
  • Definition of PBA
  • Definition of blockages
  • Frequently asked questions (quiz)
  • Introduction to the helping relationship, and to natural, lively communication (empathy, benevolence…)
  • Practitioner’s Code of Conduct, ethics.

II.Supervision 2:

  • Role playing
  • More about the helping relationship and about natural, life-centered communication
  • Managing you emotions during a session

III. Supervision 2+: Deepening

  • Sessions with baby/parents, children/parents
  • Development and deepening the Helping Relationship, and Non-Judgemental Communication
  • Deepening the management of emotions