The Fourth Level: « Perfecting your work on Blockages »

Copies of your repertory of cases must be submitted to the Director, Fairouz Rouzaud, on the first day of the workshop.

A Practioner-in-Training who wishes to take the Level 4 Workshop must fulfill these prerequisites:
Document his P.B.A activity with 50 additional clients (including one session with a child), which will be added to his client history portfolio.
Attend a Level 3/4/5 workshop as a free Non-Participant Auditor (for a duration of at least 10 hours minimum).
The Level 4 Workshop, lasting 16 hours, continues to perfect the work on blockages:
Master consultation provided by an authorized trainer.
Sharing of experiences by the trainees.
Second practical exercise on a client, without the aid of the trainer. At this level, the candidate must be able to explain what PBA is in a simple manner, know how to explain the effects of any blockage on a person’s behavior, know which blockages he should and should not verbalize, and how to verbalize them.
An evaluation matrix will be used, where to succeed at Level 4, a candidate must score at least 75 points out of 100 possible points. (This matrix is given to trainees at the end of Level 3, so they will know on what points they will be examined.)

At he end of the Level 4 Workshop, a candidate who has passed the test will receive a Certificate of Practitioner Intern status, fully authorized to deliver P.B.A. for one year.

After accreditation, the student becomes an official part of the PBA website. He is authorized to charge between 35 and 40 dollars per session.

The certificate is presented by the IDPBA — Institut DELATTE de Psycho-Bio-Acupressure.

This certificate has a limited duration of 18 month. At the end of this period, the practitioner must elect one of the following options: either to renew the internship by taking the Level 4 Workshop for a second time, or present himself for the Level 5 final exam. If neither of these options is exercised, the certificate will become void, and the person’s name will be struck from the annual list of Practitioners.