Welcome to the Institut Delatte of Psycho-Bio-Acupressure (PBA)

The Institut Delatte of Psycho Bio Acupressure is the one and only training school for Psycho Bio Acupressure. Created by Dr Pierre Noël Delatte himself, the inventor of the technique, its aim is to perpetuate and develop its teaching.

PBA is a simple, fast and accessible method. A session takes place in two stages:

  • the first consists of the practitioner using light pressure to stimulate five acupressure points one after the other, thus creating a circuit on the body (and also in the brain, since each acupressure point has its corresponding cerebral area).
    There are 22 circuits, each corresponding to a disturbing energy and capable of rebalancing a person and restoring their full potential;
  • secondly, the practitioner will release the emotional blockages identified. The working hypothesis is that emotions are local information that the brain remembers, but of which we are unaware. PBA involves processing this local information.
    This is done by means of a signal, presumably of an electromagnetic type, which the practitioner has been trained to feel and for which he has been calibrated (as explained by Dr DELATTE in his book: “LIBÉREZ-VOUS DE VOS BLOCAGES”).
    A method developed after 20 years of research on over 40,000 patients.
    In fact, the emotional blocks that have been unknowingly put in place in our brain, most often during childhood, prevent us from functioning in accordance with our original identity.
    The lack of self-confidence that we have all felt at some point in our lives, the feeling that we can’t achieve certain things in our lives or the fact that we find ourselves in the same kind of situation over and over again, even though we know they are unsuitable for us, are all examples of emotional blocks!

The role of the IDPBA is to promote this technique while respecting the values of its inventor, Dr Pierre-Noël Delatte, and is the sole guarantor of the development of PBA and its teaching.

It is a complete cycle that covers the work on oneself that is necessary to be able to claim the right to help others, communication tools (which are just as essential), as well as teaching support and ongoing coaching throughout the course.

“You can only guide in a country you know”.

Level 1 will enable you to practise the first part of PBA. At this level, trainees are autonomous enough to carry out the 22 circuits that enable them to harmonise their energy and self-defence system on themselves or those close to them.

From level 2 onwards, the trainee is destined for the helping relationship.

As a non-medical discipline, psycho-bio-acupressure in no way replaces medical care or treatment prescribed by a doctor. Only the doctor who prescribed the treatment is authorised to modify it.

Our institute does not endorse the attitude of any practitioner or PBA trainee who adopts this type of stance, which is not in line with our professional ethics.

PBA is a method for managing disturbed emotional states and releasing emotional (energetic) blockages. It is very gentle and effective, and helps a great many people. To ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from it, its founder, Dr Delatte, developed a rigorous and demanding 5-level training programme. He was determined that the method should be respected and used in the way it is taught at the Institut Delatte PBA.

That’s why Dr Delatte wanted to train practitioners of excellence, a training programme backed up by assessments to bring future practitioners up to this high standard.
It’s also why refresher training once a year is compulsory for every practitioner.

In particular, it is this level of requirement that guarantees the seriousness and competence of the practitioners for people wishing to benefit from the advantages of a PBA session. Therefore, only practitioners listed in the practitioner directory are approved by the Institute. Any person, trainee or practitioner who does not fit into this framework will not be considered authorised to practice and conduct sessions.

Any offender could be subject to legal action in order to protect the method, the PBA consultant community and the profession.

It is in the same spirit that the Delatte family evokes teaching on the homepage of the website.

“Only the Delatte PBA Institute is authorised to promote and guarantee the principles of PBA, and to treat according to these principles or train people in PBA. Trainers who claim to offer PBA training courses because they have been taught by the PBA Institute, but whose names do not appear on the official PBA website, have no authority or competence to run courses and are not approved by the PBA Institute.
We therefore urge you to exercise the utmost caution, in order to protect anyone wishing to learn his or her technique and to guarantee the authenticity of the PBA method developed by Doctor Pierre Noël Delatte.
We are counting on your vigilance and thank you in advance.”

Brigitte Delatte and her children